Souls Forever Bracelet

Souls Forever Bracelet

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Years ago his grandmother told Ronaldo that he would know when he was really in love with that perfect lady when she would just glow in front of him.  Recently, in the middle of a hectic three week road trip where he had been hopping all around the country visiting numerous dealers for his popular year end trunk shows, Ronaldo awoke from a dream that was very real.  He had been dreaming of his early courtship of his wife, Linda, and about their first dance together.  As Linda was leaving the dance floor, Ronaldo saw a glow around her, just like the one his grandmother told him about.  In his dream, just like he had in real life, Ronaldo knew right then that Linda was the one for him and that she was his soulmate.  So, after being awakened at 1:30 after this very real-like dream with the memory of Linda's glow fresh in his mind for inspiration, Ronaldo drew up the concept of the Soul Forever Bracelet.

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